Our Facilities

Our home is yours. Please, take some time to familiarize yourself with it; we've worked hard to make our home as warm and as inviting as possible. 

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First Floor Chapels

永樂Wing Lok

This chapel can hold up to 200 people

永康Wing Hong

This Chapel can hold up to 120 people. 

永寧Wing Ling 

This chapel can hold up to 300 people.

永安Wing On 

This chapel can seat up to 100 people it is also our smallest chapel on this first floor 

永壽Wing Sau

This is Wing Fook's  biggest chapel. It can sit at least 500 hundred people.

永善Wing Sein

This chapel can hold up to 350 people. 

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Second Floor Chapels

永德Wing Duk

This chapel can seat 100 people. 

永恩Wing Yun

This chapel can seat 300 people